Successful Hypnosis for MS

Most of us living in this high-paced world, want healing to happen just as quickly as we want to receive an Amazon package.  But healing doesn’t work well under pressure. Has that been your experience?

I just got a new client that is looking for successful hypnotherapy for MS. She’s booked 3 sessions to give it a try. After her second session she’s upset that she still feels fatigued, brain fogged, and disconnected from her body. Today we have our third session. After it, she will decide if she’ll continue with hypnotherapy for MS or go try something else.

I feel performance anxiety running through my body. I know my client wants me to prove to her that hypnotherapy will be successful by this third session or she’s out.

What to expect with hypnosis for MS

It’s not her fault that she expects to modify a disease she’s had for half a decade in 3 sessions.  We live in a world of 48-hour package deliveries and stories of  ‘overnight successes.’

The reality is not as glamorous.  Even with Amazon or pop stars, there is much work behind getting to the 48-hour turnaround and those overnight success.  In the case of an overnight success rock band – a much closer analogy to what you might expect to heal MS with hypnosis –  they seemed to have become instantly famous after getting discovered playing in a dark pub one night. But we forget how many years the band spent in those dark and dingy bars playing for pennies.  It’s no different from healing multiple sclerosis.  Healing disease takes effort, persistence, and time until physical symptoms turn around entirely.

Expecting Miracles

Are there miracles? Yes. I’ve heard about, interviewed cases, and experienced miracles with my own clients. But what I’ve also noticed is that those miracles are not always sustainable – with no symptom to guide the lucky one, they go back to their old ways and tax their bodies once again.  It’s like winning the lottery.  All of a sudden the lucky winner is rich without having learned to manage money. Is that solution sustainable? How many of those that win the lottery, become broke again? Is that how you want to heal your MS?

The Journey into Health

A better expectation of what the journey to health looks like, is more like:

  • you’ve clean up the past
  • you’ve learned to love yourself,
  • you’ve become your greatest ally
  • you’ve drop the inner critic and self-mutilator that beat you up any time you do something less than perfect
  • you’ve learn to say no, without guilt.
  • you have healthy boundaries.
  • you take care of your own needs and emotions first and empower those around you to take care of their own (no longer victim; no longer savior).
  • you’ve ended your addiction to busy-ness, pleasing others, looking successful, and proving your worth.

This is what long-term sustainable health looks like. And when you heal the inner environment his way, your body become stronger, resilient, comfortable, and healthy.

Creating Real Expectations

Healing using hypnotherapy for MS is not a small task. I cannot prove the success of this journey in three sessions. But with time, you can transform.

“I was lost and felt hopeless. You have brought a volume of information and tools to my path.  Everything makes so much more sense now.  You’ve really help me see myself and transformed my problems into superpowers.  This has been so powerful!” – E.M.

Successfully healing multiple sclerosis is a journey that is rich and fulfilling and creates health that is deep and sustaining.    Medical hypnosis for MS is a means to get you there.  If you are willing to do the work, I am eager to guide you there.

* I use the word ‘we’ because, if I’m not doing my work alongside you, how can I expect you to do yours successfully?

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