Health Coach, Medical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, and PSYCH-K Practitioner

About Me

I, Eva M Clark, have always found people managing disabilities to be amazing. I have held this impression since I was a little girl. In preschool, I gravitated to those with crutches, wheelchairs, or braces. My mom was always running after me and telling me to “leave those people alone; they’ve got enough on their plate!,” but I couldn’t help it. I am fascinated by people’s ability to cope with and learn from whatever life gave them. I was always asking them innocent, childlike questions about how they lived and managed everyday tasks (like “do you shower in your wheelchair? Does it mind getting wet?”).

A Lifetime Surrounded by the Medical Field

My mother was a medical librarian when I was a child. My father was returning to hospitals several times a year after a severe heart attack when I was 12. I used to keep my Dad company often, talk to strangers in waiting rooms, and reading medical journals in the hospital library.

So, though my mother did everything she could to break my habit of gravitating towards those with physical disabilities, hanging out in hospitals in childhood only added to my interest. I chose to study biomedical engineering in college. It combines medicine and engineering. I wanted to invent wheelchairs that could climb upstairs and stylish leg braces but… I discovered electrical engineering was dreadfully dull.

So after a year of biomedical studies, I made a drastic change, decided the field was not for me, and dove into architecture for the next 18 years. Architecture fully realized my curiosity and creativity, but it did not meet my true interest. So I slowly returned to my real passion in my free time. Until I finally quit architecture in 2009. In 2011, I opened a private practice in medical hypnotherapy for chronic disease.

Eva M Clark Specialized in Multiple Sclerosis

I began to take an interest in using my hypnotherapy and coaching skills for multiple sclerosis (MS) in early 2013. I was surprised that very little research had been done on hypnosis and MS.  What little I did find was mainly focused on pain management. I knew, from my experience with allergies and other diseases, that way more could be done.

So I took it upon myself to design a program specifically for MS.  For that, I quit everything else I was doing and dedicated 2 1/2 years to studying, interviewing, and researching. I then tested and designed the most effective combination of mind-based therapies for healing multiple sclerosis. That was ten years ago and there isn’t a day I don’t continue to learn something more about multiple sclerosis and about healing.

When I first began this specialty, I focused on managing symptoms. The interest then evolved to address the root cause of MS.  I ended up training in health coaching, medical hypnotherapy, Regression therapy, Parts Work, Guided Imagery, Human Design, NLP, Eye Movement Techniques and PSYCH-K. Every type of subconscious-based therapy that could help my clients heal from MS. The result is this site and the Healing Multiple Sclerosis Program.

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Eva's Healing Philosophy

“What I have learned and experienced through my clients over and over again is that our bodies are organic beings. They respond and reflect our emotions, our thoughts, and our views about ourselves and about our world. I call these core beliefs “mental patterns." When you break down those negative patterns and transform them, you change what is being expressed in the body. Then the body can return to health.” - Eva M Clark

What you will find on this website is the culmination of that work. Additionally, I work with other chronic diseases, such as IBS, and emotions, such as anxiety and trauma.  I also teach medical hypnotherapy.  You can find information on my other programs and session fees here.

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