Be Proactive in Healing Your MS

The Creating Health Series is about actively addressing the factors that can be contributing to your MS:

  • Physical factors such as toxins, food, viral load, genes, and environment.
  • Psychological factors such as stress, early childhood trauma, regret, guilt, grief, and perfection.
  • Social factors such as unhealthy family dynamics, codependency, and boundaries.

“Thank you for the work you've done/are doing and for having this website. It's inspired me and given me hope to beat this MS.”


This series will show you ways to improve each area of your life and regain more control of your body. The Series's goal is to invite practitioners that are specialized in each of these different factors to contribute their knowledge to help you create an integrated solution to healing your MS.

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Creating Health Series

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And Why You Shouldn't Obsess about ThemIntroductionWhen trying to make sense of the many medical theories surrounding the risk factors for multiple sclerosis (MS), it's easy to feel lost in ... (watch the episode)

Facts About MS You Might Not Know and ShouldLiving with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be a daunting experience. I have found that it is made so much worse by the ... (watch the episode)

Gentle bodywork to connect to your body and emotionsThe Rosen Method is a form of bodywork developed by Marion Rosen. It is a holistic approach that aims to release tension ... (watch the episode)

Can a Virus Cause MS?In early 2022, a longitudinal study looked at the relationship between EBV and multiple sclerosis. Since the study was published, many articles have popped up asking, ... (watch the episode)

How To Do Self-Care CorrectlySelf-Care for Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to do this presentation because it’s a theme that shows up often in my practice – how to do self-care ... (watch the episode)

Expanding Our Understanding of MSWhat is MS? Currently, MS is a confusing disease. It is clear that it's not a genetic disease, but it is unclear what environmental factors are ... (watch the episode)

What is the difference between Managing Your MS and Actually Thriving from It?This post will look at the difference between managing your MS and thriving from multiple sclerosis. The idea ... (watch the episode)

How homeopathy (and stem cells) address Multiple SclerosisIn this month's Creating Health series, Dr. Jeff Lester explained to us homeopathy, stem cells, and their applications for MS. For a little ... (watch the episode)

Did losing your authentic self make you sick? This 3-part mini-series, we address healing through becoming your authentic self.  This forms the last area to cover in the Wheel of ... (watch the episode)

How to stop feeling guilt for having Multiple SclerosisDo you feel guilty for having MS? Or for the things that you can't do because your multiple sclerosis restricts you? This ... (watch the episode)

Defining the 'style' in Lifestyle for MSA lot of clients, when they first come to my office, will say, “I’m supposed to do these lifestyle changes to heal MS, but ... (watch the episode)

We dedicated this episode of our Creating Health series to the first step on your journey to healing MS. This first step is not only important for those diagnosed with ... (watch the episode)

Do MS Drugs Make You More Vulnerable?In these times of uncertainty, there are many questions in our minds. Coronavirus and MS - Do MS drugs make you more vulnerable?  Does ... (watch the episode)

Getting Help with Your MSHow to Hire an Independent CaregiverIf you are like most, there is an underlying fear about, "what will happen to me if..." Falling and breaking something ... (watch the episode)

What is the relationship between ms and your gut?Gut Health and fixing your leaky gut is a key component to address when it comes to multiple sclerosis (MS) and any ... (watch the episode)

¿Existe una personalidad de esclerosis múltiple? ¿Una personalidad de EM? ¿Unos comportamientos, actitudes y formas de ser comunes a las personas diagnosticadas con esclerosis multiple?Tome la prueba de personalidad ¿Qué es ... (watch the episode)

Is there a super-technique that can cure MS?When I first started working with multiple sclerosis (MS), I was like everyone else - I thought I could find that one ingredient ... (watch the episode)

The Role of PT for MSIn the video of this episode Dr. Poorva Kulkarni, PT DPT MHS explains to us in this episode how physical therapy can help you with ... (watch the episode)

Does genetics have anything to do with getting MS?MS and our genes. We oftentimes wonder if genetics has anything to do with MS. What if it does in more ways ... (watch the episode)

Para entender lo que causa la esclerosis múltiple (EM) y cómo curarse, primero debe entender qué tipo de enfermedad es. ¿Qué tipo de enfermedad es la Esclerosis Multiple?En los años 1900, ... (watch the episode)

Are you getting enough sleep?Are You Achieving Sound Sleep?Sleep and MS. Adequate sleep is just as essential as proper nutrition and stress management, in maintaining your health. It can cause ... (watch the episode)

What is the right diet for MS? Digestive support Essential fatty acid balance Antioxidant-rich whole foods In this presentation, Madia talks to us about various anti-inflammatory diets for MS. Interestingly, ... (watch the episode)

The Wheel of Health in Multiple Sclerosis In this video of the second part of the Wheel of Health in Multiple Sclerosis - we talk about the psychological factors behind ... (watch the episode)

How diet influences Multiple SclerosisIn this episode, Palmer Kippola begins our journey with foods for MS. Through her research to reverse her multiple sclerosis and, afterward to help others, Palmer ... (watch the episode)

The Wheel of Health in Multiple SclerosisThe Wheel of Health in Multiple SclerosisTo begin the journey, Eva reviews with us the environmental and physical factors that can be contributing to ... (watch the episode)

Simple Tools to Work with Your BodyPilates for MSHow can a soup spoon, rolling pin, and tennis ball lead you to immense muscle pain relief? Find out in this month's ... (watch the episode)

Supercharge Your CopaxoneRemedies for MS. People diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are usually taking some form of medication, supplements, diets... something they hope will remedy their MS. This article on ... (watch the episode)

What My Clients Learned About the Cause of Their MS When my clients diagnosed with MS come to my office, they always come with one pressing question "Why Did I ... (watch the episode)

How Neurolinguistic Programming Addresses Chronic DiseaseWhat we believe has a huge effect on our lives and bodies.  Imagine adapting beliefs that are actually useful and make our lives easier.  Neurolinguistic ... (watch the episode)

Neurolinguistic Programming for MS - An InterviewWe begin this series of NLP for multiple sclerosis with an interview of Sharalee Clawson who began using NLP with her MS over 25 ... (watch the episode)

An Alternative Therapy for MS“Immune diseases, in general, are seen as being the same disease entity in Functional Medicine. The root is the same.”Functional Medicine for MSHow Does Medicine Diagnose ... (watch the episode)

Understanding MS Through the Lens of Human Design What is Human Design? Human Design is a personality assessment tool based on your date, time and place of birth. It incorporates ... (watch the episode)

If You Want​​​​ to Recover, then Stop Trying to Live with Your MS In the book, “The Healing Code”, Dermott O'Connor tells the story of his client that was going ... (watch the episode)

Are there behaviors, attitudes, and ways of being common to those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Are there behaviors, attitudes, and character traits common to those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis? Is ... (watch the episode)

​Finding Relief By Understand How the Body Processes PainTo understand multiple sclerosis pain and how to find relief, we must first understand pain. This understanding will give us the tools ... (watch the episode)

Gut-directed hypnosis for MS. What is it and what does it do?Do you have IBS along with your multiple sclerosis?Having the symptoms of MS can be debilitating and frustrating. Apart ... (watch the episode)

​What hypnotic techniques can be used to manage MS Pain?Pain is one of the hidden symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Many people do not realize it is a symptom present in ... (watch the episode)

What is Cannabidiol, how is it used for MS, and how to take it?This presentation will discuss CBD and Multiple Sclerosis - what it is and ways to administer it.What ... (watch the episode)

How does Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Understand MS?Chinese Medicine calls multiple sclerosis (MS) Weizheng syndrome or flaccidity.  It has four primary causes or contributors:A feverish disease (now understood to be ... (watch the episode)

The cause of MS is physical, psychological as well as social.  It is not one factor, but a combination.To understand what causes multiple sclerosis, we need to understand what kind ... (watch the episode)

​Adverse childhood experiences (ACE), ongoing stress, and development of MS In this month's Creating Health episode, Palmer Kippola explored the 6th component or trigger - multiple sclerosis and stress. What ... (watch the episode)

Learn how emotions affect your gut Emotions and the Gut In this month's series, Eva Clark talks about our emotions, gut health, and MS. She addresses how our emotions influence ... (watch the episode)

​Removing Your Physical Toxicity Multiple Sclerosis and Toxins Autoimmune disease is growing at an epidemic pace and experts agree that environmental toxins - chemical, heavy metals and mold - in ... (watch the episode)

Could your expectations be sabotaging your healing?When we begin the journey to healing multiple sclerosis, we usually believe that we will gradually improve day by day until we've arrived, fully ... (watch the episode)

Removing Your Mental Toxicity Negative Emotions and Multiple Sclerosis Are you hard on yourself when you make mistakes, judge the things you do as not good enough, and have a ... (watch the episode)

​in order to heal ms, we must first understand what kind of disease ​it isHow to heal MS goes far beyond getting a prescription.  It involves reviewing and transforming the ... (watch the episode)

What is the road map to ​health in MS? Health Multiple Sclerosis When we've been diagnosed with a devastating disease such as multiple sclerosis, it seems that health is a ... (watch the episode)

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