Actively address the factors contributing to your MS

Creating health in MS is about actively addressing the factors that are contributing to your multiple sclerosis and finding your path back to health.

The 3 Factors that Influence Multiple Sclerosis Health

  • Physical factors such as toxins, gut health, viral load, and genes.
  • Psychological factors such as early childhood trauma (ACE), addiction to success, unresolved grief, repressed anger, and perfection.
  • Social factors such as codependency, inability to say no, and unhealthy boundaries.

This resource series, Creating Health in MS, will show you ways to improve each area and regain more control of your body and your life.  The series' goal is to invite practitioners that are specialized in each of these different factors to contribute their knowledge and share resources to help you create an integrated solution to healing your MS.

“Thank you for the work you've done/are doing and for having this website. It's inspired me and given me hope to beat this MS.”

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Introduction to Creating Health in MS – Your Road Map


MS Health
Health and Multiple Sclerosis
What is the road map to ​health in MS? Health Multiple Sclerosis When we've been diagnosed with a ...
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environmental factors MS
Physical & Environmental Factors behind MS – Video
The Wheel of Health in Multiple SclerosisThe Wheel of Health in Multiple SclerosisTo begin the journey, Eva reviews ...
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Psychological Factors behind MS – Video
The Wheel of Health in Multiple SclerosisIn this video of the second part of the Wheel of Health ...
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Creating Health Series – Understanding MS


EBV and multiple sclerosis
Does EBV cause MS? (video)
Can a Virus Cause MS?In early 2022, a longitudinal study looked at the relationship between ...
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Self-Care for Multiple Sclerosis (Video)
. How To Do Self-Care Correctly Self-Care for Multiple Sclerosis. I wanted to do this ...
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what is multiple sclerosis
What is Multiple Sclerosis?
Expanding Our Understanding of MSWhat is MS? Currently, MS is a confusing disease. It is ...
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Homeopathy, Stems Cells, and MS
Homeopathy, Stems Cells, and MS
How homeopathy (and stem cells) address Multiple SclerosisIn this month's Creating Health series, Dr. Jeff ...
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Lifestyle Changes to Heal MS
Defining the 'style' in Lifestyle for MSA lot of clients, when they first come to ...
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The First Step on the Journey to Healing MS – Video
We dedicated this episode of our Creating Health series to the first step on your ...
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Coronavirus and MS
Do MS Drugs Make You More Vulnerable?In these times of uncertainty, there are many questions ...
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Functional Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis
An Alternative Therapy for MS“Immune diseases, in general, are seen as being the same disease ...
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Chinese Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis
How does Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Understand MS? Chinese Medicine calls multiple sclerosis (MS) Weizheng ...
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What Causes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Video
The cause of MS is physical, psychological as well as social. It is not one ...
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Addressing Psychological Factors


Managing MS versus Thriving from Multiple Sclerosis
What is the difference between Managing Your MS and Actually Thriving from It? This post ...
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healing through your authentic self
Healing Through Becoming Your Authentic Self
Did losing your authentic self make you sick?This 3-part mini-series, we address healing through becoming ...
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MS guilt
Do You Feel Guilty for Having MS?
How to stop feeling guilt for having Multiple SclerosisDo you feel guilty for having MS? ...
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MS and Our Genes
Does genetics have anything to do with getting MS?MS and our genes. We oftentimes wonder ...
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article on ms
Boost Your Multiple Sclerosis Remedies – Video
Supercharge Your CopaxoneRemedies for MS. People diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are usually taking some ...
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Article on Multiple Sclerosis – Why Did I get MS?
What My Clients Learned About the Cause of Their MSWhen my clients diagnosed with MS ...
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Multiple Sclerosis and Human Design
Understanding MS Through the Lens of Human DesignWhat is Human Design?Human Design is a personality ...
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Recovery from Multiple Sclerosis
If You Want to Recover, then Stop Trying to Live with Your MSIn the book, ...
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Is There An MS Personality?
Are there behaviors, attitudes, and ways of being common to those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?Are ...
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Multiple Sclerosis and Stress
​Adverse childhood experiences (ACE), ongoing stress, and development of MSIn this month's Creating Health episode, ...
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Emotions, Gut Health, and MS – Video
​Learn how emotions affect your gut Emotions and the GutIn this month's series, Eva Clark ...
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The Road to Health and How We Sabotage It
Could your expectations be sabotaging your healing?When we begin the journey to healing multiple sclerosis, ...
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Negative Emotions and Multiple Sclerosis
Removing Your Mental ToxicityNegative Emotions and Multiple SclerosisAre you hard on yourself when you make ...
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How to Heal Your MS – the Mental Factors
​in order to heal ms, we must first understand what kind of disease ​it isHow ...
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Addressing Physical Factors


leaky gut and MS
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Leaky Gut
What is the relationship between ms and your gut?Gut Health and fixing your leaky gut ...
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physical therapy for multiple sclerosis
Physical Therapy for MS – Video
The Role of PT for MSIn the video of this episode Dr. Poorva Kulkarni, PT ...
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Sleep and MS
Are you getting enough sleep?Are You Achieving Sound Sleep?Sleep and MS. Adequate sleep is just ...
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Anti Inflammatory Diet for Multiple Sclerosis
What is the right diet for MS?Digestive supportEssential fatty acid balanceAntioxidant-rich whole foodsIn this presentation, ...
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Foods for MS
How diet influences Multiple SclerosisIn this episode, Palmer Kippola begins our journey with foods for ...
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Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis
Simple Tools to Work with Your BodyPilates for MSHow can a soup spoon, rolling pin, ...
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Multiple Sclerosis Pain Relief
​Finding Relief By Understand How the Body Processes PainTo understand multiple sclerosis pain and how ...
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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and IBS – video
Gut-directed hypnosis for MS. What is it and what does it do?Do you have IBS ...
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Managing Pain in Multiple Sclerosis
​What hypnotic techniques can be used to manage MS Pain?Pain is one of the hidden ...
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CBD and Multiple Sclerosis
​What is Cannabidiol, how ​is it used for MS, and how to take it? ​This ...
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Multiple Sclerosis and Toxins
​Removing Your Physical Toxicity Multiple Sclerosis and Toxins Autoimmune disease is growing at an epidemic ...
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Additional Resources


Sobre Esclerosis Multiple – MS en Español

Aprende sobre el esclerosis multiple y los tres factores que se debe de cuidar para ayudar al sistema inmume y ...
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Resources for MS

​What resources ​are available to ​support you on your journey?This presentation, Resources for MS, was inspired by one of the ...
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Books on Multiple Sclerosis

Want to do your own research? Here is what I recommendSome of my clients and those that contact me about ...
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This series was produced by Eva M Clark and recorded at the National MS Society Self-Help MS Group in Santa Cruz, CA. The National MS Society respects the rights of people with MS to obtain any and all information they want related to MS, including information on wellness, medical treatments or complementary therapies, and products or services. The information presented at these meetings does not necessarily reflect the views or official position of the Society, nor carry the endorsement or support of the NMSS. Read our disclaimer here.

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