What Causes Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – Video

The cause of MS is physical, psychological as well as social.  It is not one factor, but a combination.

To understand what causes multiple sclerosis, we need to understand what kind of disease it is.

What Kind of Disease is MS?

In the 1900s, the leading health concerns and causes of death were pneumonia, influenza, and tuberculosis.  These are infectious diseases.  Their solution?  Antibiotics are given in the form of an injection or pills.  This solution was discovered in the early 1900s, and it became very popular from the 1940s onward. To the point that society hopes to treat every ailment in our bodies in this manner.

Just give me a pill and make it go away!!

But the main diseases our society struggles with today are far different.  The primary health concerns today are heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and stroke, and a new group has become quite prevalent in autoimmune diseases.

What’s the difference?  To begin with, they are not infectious.


The main concerns of today, including MS, are chronic diseases. Technically, they can be referred to as biopsychosocial or functional diseases.  These names begin to give you a clearer picture of both their cause as well as their treatment.

What Causes MS?

Multiple sclerosis and all biopsychosocial diseases have three key factors that cause them:

As explained in the video above, they are diseases that take time to manifest and are already in your body before you ever experience the first symptoms.  In the Creating Health Series, we will address all three factors in detail.  Here we want to give you a general understanding of the causes of MS and how to heal.

The last two, the psychosocial factors, are closely associated with MS onset and may play important roles in the development of the disease.  There is much research that has studied these two factors. They are not caused by a personality trait of the person but by coping strategies learned in childhood such as the need to be perfect, highly controlling, overachiever, or extremely independent. Fortunately, all of these life responses can be changed with understanding and support.

So what are these coping strategies?  These behaviors, beliefs, and lifestyles created through your life experiences that burden your body?  You can find examples of the particular psychosocial patterns of MS here.

A Disease Created by Our Modern Society

These patterns are common to modern society.  Interestingly, MS is most prevalent in 1st world countries and hardly present in less developed countries.  Looking at these coping strategies, you can see that they share the values of modern society.

  • Our worth is defined by what we do
  • The need to continually strive for perfection and be the best. Competitive environments.
  • Hard work is valued, and rest is not
  • Success is defined monetarily and by others
  • We must try to be wholly independent and self-reliant at all times.

Additionally, modern society has created many of the factors that affect your health.

Healing Multiple Sclerosis

In the video, what causes MS, Eva proposes to question these values and ask yourself:

  • Who and what defines your worth?
  • What about failure do you fear? Is perfection the ultimate goal in life?
  • How balanced is your work and play time? Define rest and relaxation.
  • Who has defined your success? What would your definition be?
  • What can you learn from interdependence versus independence?

It is possible to heal from these factors, but it requires change. Changing your ability to respond to the challenges of being alive. You can find what the healthy psychosocial patterns look like here.

Bringing it all together, the road to healing looks like this:


It’s All About Change

Change in behaviors, how you cope and express emotions, and how you think.  It can be done.  But you must recognize that the lifestyle and behavior that overloaded the body took years to develop, and it will take some time to change. To make these changes:

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Take small steps. Choose one area to focus on and make a specific plan.
  • Acknowledge successes.
  • Plan for setbacks, practice acceptance, and problem solve.
  • Set up a supportive environment and community.
  • Connect to values that motivate your journey

The cause of MS is multiple, and we need to change many factors to heal. To start, you need to understand what those factors are.  By exploring the Creating Health series, you can look at all the factors that might be contributing to your MS.  Also, I invite you to take the MS Personality quiz below and learn what those beliefs and behaviors that might be contributing to your MS.

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