fees & services

Fees and Services

I offer online and in-person multi-modality therapy sessions for MS.  In the sessions you will experience the modalities and tools that I have found most effective in transforming the beliefs and behaviors causing stress in your body – health coaching, medical hypnosis, regression therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Brain Gym, and Human Design.

Our goal for this therapy is to:

  1. Discover your particular mental patterns contributing to your MS.
  2. Transform those patterns to create healthy resilience.
  3. Use visual imagery to stimulate the body to heal.
  4. Recover the authentic self.


One-on-One Therapy Sessions for MS

These sessions for MS are 75-90 minute long and held every other week in my Santa Cruz, CA office or by Zoom. The time between sessions is designed to allow you to work with the tools and hypnosis recordings and allow the the mind and body to adapt to the changes you are making.

This multi-modality therapy doesn’t just include the time together in session. You will also receive:

  • Tools and Personalized hypnosis recordings
  • Email support
  • Forms to track our progress

Clients work with me for an average of a year. Our goal is for you to significantly improve your quality of life, both physically and mentally.

Individual Sessions Fees 

The cost per session is $165 and a 3-session package is $450.

I got so much out of your website that I truly didn't expect us to do much more than that in our sessions. But I’ve been blown away once again. You are like a fire hose of information and tools for transformation!”– E. M.

Please inquire about a discount if financial means are the obstacle to getting the support you need. Also consider group sessions as these can be very powerful catalyst of transformation.


if you are not satisfied with your individual sessions, you may cancel at any time. You are only charged for the sessions received.

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