Is there a super-technique that can cure MS?


When I first started working with multiple sclerosis (MS), I was like everyone else – I thought I could find that one ingredient / that one super technique that could cure MS.  In my hypnotherapy studies, we had learned how to remove allergies in one session.  Could we do the same with MS?  Could I find the super technique that could make it all better again? That became my mission – find the cure to MS.

And along the way, I learned.  I learned from modern science, from functional medicine, from Chinese medicine, from other practitioners that I interviewed and that presented in the Creating Health series, and primarily through my sessions with my clients with MS:

Multiple Sclerosis is a complex group of causes and those causes can not be solved by a silver bullet.

The bee sting therapy, strict almost impossible diet, or the newest drug is not the solution.  The solution is resolving the layers and layers of causes that broke the camel’s back (camel referring to your mental, physical, and spiritual body).

To heal the ‘camel,’ we need to change how we do life – how we eat, how we sleep and rest, and, how we relate to others and ourselves.

Healing is a process.  It is not an on/off switch.  And that is a good thing because you don’t have to get stressed out worrying that you won’t find the right way to heal! You are on the right path the minute you set your intention that you are going to address those layers. There is so much that you can do to help your mental, physical and spiritual body return to health.  No two paths are the same, and yet no two paths disregard any of the layers that created the perfect storm that culminated in MS.

So where to start?


The Cure to MS

The cure to MS is no different than the cure to cancer.  Expect it to be hard, scary and, most importantly transformational.  How many of us heard someone say “Cancer is the best thing that could ever have happened to me?”  Yep, that’s where we are going with MS as well. In Kelly Turner’s book “Radical Remission” she speaks of the ingredients common to people that have cured cancer and other incurable diseases. The main keys being:

  1. Consider the diagnosis/disease as a teacher.  Welcome it.  It is there to help you heal (in the greater sense of the word not just a physical cure).
  2. Take agency.  Be in charge of your own healing.  The practitioners you work with will help you help yourself.  Don’t give them the responsibility or power to cure your MS.  You and your body will be in charge of that.
  3. Connect to something greater than yourself.  You are not alone.


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