Removing Your Physical Toxicity

Multiple Sclerosis and Toxins

Autoimmune disease is growing at an epidemic pace and experts agree that environmental toxins – chemical, heavy metals and mold – in our food, air, water, home and personal care products, etc. are fueling the rise.  To heal from any of the 100+ autoimmune conditions including multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, we must minimize our exposure to toxins and reduce the load in our toxin bucket.

There is no doubt that autoimmune diseases are on the rise and our increasing environmental exposure to toxins and chemicals is fueling the risk. The research is sound. The conclusions, unassailable.  –  Douglas Kerr, M.D., Ph.D. Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

In this month’s presentation, Palmer Kippola talks about toxins and multiple sclerosis and its body burden.  In the 1900 this issue was not a problem be there where almost no chemicals in the enviroment.  Now, however, there are more than 100,000 chemicals and less that 5% have been tested for safety in humans.  The average American may be dealing with a “body burden” of 700 different toxins (A. Vojdani, Ph.D. Immunology).  Because of this, we need to use precautionary measures to lower our body burden by reducing the toxicity in our bodies.

Toxins and Multiple Sclerosis. Top Toxins.

Ways to empty our toxin bucket by reducing the explosure to these elements:

  • Foods: gluten, cow dairy, sugar, GMO foods, alcohol
  • Medications: antibiotics, pain killers, steroids, chemo, etc.
  • Chemicals: pesticides (GMO-Roundup corn & soy),
  • BPA (plastic), chemically-based body and home-care products
  • Heavy metals: mercury (tuna and silver fillings)
  • Hidden mold: damp and water damaged buildings
  • Internal bacterial waste: leaky gut

Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins

What changes to make that help reduce the burden:

  • Eat organic food – especially meats + “Dirty Dozen” fruits & veggies
  • Drink and bathe in filtered water – ideally solid block carbon filter
  • Use chemical-free home and body-care products – Drop off chemicals at hazardous waste site
  • Minimize medications – antibiotics, pain killers (NSAIDs), steroids
  • Use an HEPA air purifier – Inside air can be 100x as polluted
  • Consider testing for mold – If you have had water damage, damp basement or musty smells

Further Resources for Toxins and Multiple Sclerosis

Here are some of the resources shared by Palmer Kippola at this Creating Health Series presentation:

Personal Care and Home Cleaning Products

EWG: and their personal care site Skin Deep.

Think Dirty iPhone app to scan your home and personal care products.  You can download it here.

Water Filters

Make sure to find water filters that remove top toxins like chlorine, fluoride, and endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals like estrogen.  If a whole-hourse water filter is not in the budget, consider a solid carbon block filter.

Air Filters

At a minimum, select home air purifiers that have HEPA filters.  Some options to consider are:

And a great book for toxins and multiple sclerosis and how toxins are massively contributing to autoimmune explosion is “The Autoimmune Epidemic” by Donna Jackson-Nakazawa.


And a more recent book by toxin expert, Joseph Pizzorno, ND, “The Toxin Solution” offers solutions to the growing toxin-disease connection.



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