Removing Your Mental Toxicity

Negative Emotions and Multiple Sclerosis

Are you hard on yourself when you make mistakes, judge the things you do as not good enough, and have a sort of drill sergeant in your head always keeping you on the go?  This is part of the negative emotions in multiple sclerosis. What influence do these inner critics have on your health and your immune system?

In this episode of the series Creating Health, we explore the mental toxicity created by the way we talk to ourselves and ways, through neurolinguistic programming (NLP), to transform those.  If you want to heal, you must explore not only what you put into your body, but what you put into your mind as well. The inner judge is one of the negative emotions in multiple sclerosis to work through of the MS personality.

In this episode we also reviewed with Palmer Kippola questions regarding the “food vacation” that was explored in last month’s episode “How to Heal Your MS“.  You can review the questions and answers here:


Resources recommended in the presentation regarding negative emotions in multiple sclerosis:

  • Steve Andreas’s work on negative self-talk.




This presentation was produced by Eva M Clark and recorded at the National MS Society Self-Help MS Group in Santa Cruz, CA. The National MS Society respects the rights of people with MS to obtain any and all information they want related to MS, including information on wellness, medical treatments or complementary therapies, and products or services. The information presented at these meetings does not necessarily reflect the views or official position of the Society, nor carry the endorsement or support of the NMSS. Read our disclaimer here.





  • Hello everyone!
    My name is Fadwa, and I have MS since 12 years. I was watching the mental toxicity video and was really surprised. I wen, ‘O my God, I can’t believe I’m hearing this!’ This is really what I’m living on a daily basis. I shut the painful voice in my head and drown them in a nice, parallel world (reading, TV, etc.). When I have to stay alone before bed, I feel awful. The reason I started to have panic attacks at those moments.
    I can’t say how happy I am that those things are actually said by someone out there, and even more; they’re saying it to lead me to change that.
    I’m beyond happy.
    Thank you!

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