Simple Tools to Work with Your Body

Pilates for MS

How can a soup spoon, rolling pin, and tennis ball lead you to immense muscle pain relief? Find out in this month’s episode of our Creating Health Series with Leah Johnson as she shows us pilates for MS and how we can incorporate these simple household items into our home workout routines.

Pilates is a safe therapy for people with MS and can be beneficial on any number of symptoms. Many of the exercises, stretches and massage techniques can be done directly at home with just a few aids – some of them might already be in your kitchen!

Tips on Using Pilates for MS

If you are looking for tips to relieve aches, pains, and tightness, then check out some of Leah’s quick pain-relieving tips for MS here:

Using only a lacrosse or tennis ball get relief in your Pec Muscles, Upper Trapezius Muscles, and your Forearms

Need relief in your leg muscles? Try baking some Thighs Pies

Leah taught us how to transform two tennis balls and some duct tape into a DIY peanut massager which is fantastic at alleviating lower back pain. Need a reminder on how to make your own? Click here.

The only physical therapy aid that most likely won’t be in your kitchen is the Thera Cane Massager. After using this cane shaped massager for about 30 seconds, you’ll be able to feel it start work on easing aches and pains. This is a simple tool used in Pilates that can help with many of the discomforts of multiple sclerosis.

Leah showed us just a few examples of what is possible.  As with most therapies, individual work on the particular issues and discomforts you are working through is most beneficial.  We hope you enjoyed the episode and got some ideas on ways to work on releasing discomfort.

For more information about Leah and all the incredible work she is doing, visit her at

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