Gut-directed hypnosis for MS. What is it and what does it do?

Do you have IBS along with your multiple sclerosis?

Having the symptoms of MS can be debilitating and frustrating. Apart from issues of imbalance, slowness, spasms, and brain fog do you also find yourself having bathroom worries?


Multiple Sclerosis and IBS

While MS treatments have focused on restricted mobility, the last two decades finally began to recognize the frequency of GI problems as well. And that might be a good thing…

Why?!! Fortunately, as close to 20% of the general population in the US have irritable bowel syndrome, more research and therapies are available. One such therapy is gut-directed hypnosis. And research has shown it can be 80% effective and its effectiveness is maintained after five years. (You can find more information on IBS and on gut-directed hypnosis research here.)

Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy for IBS

In my work, I have found that using gut-directed hypnosis not only relieves my clients of many of the bladder, bowel, anxiety, and depression issues related to their IBS but, also helps them better cope with the mobility issues and brain fog of multiple sclerosis as well. So working through your IBS will also benefit your multiple sclerosis.

So if you find yourself getting up five times a night to pee, mapping out your excursions depending on where all the public bathrooms are and have frequent bellyaches, consider going to your physician to get a proper diagnosis of IBS and then…call me at 415.699.2574 or contact me for a free consultation to see if my hypnotherapy services based on research-proven gut-directed hypnosis can help you with symptoms of multiple sclerosis and IBS.

Your body will thank you!







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