Defining MS from what It Creates, rather than How Its Created

A New Multiple Sclerosis DefinitionMS is usually defined by the physical manifestations in the body (i.e., immune system creates myelin lesions) and the symptoms expressed (i.e., these attacks create problems in balance, fatigue, pain, and numbness). But that physically based definition does not explain all that MS is. This is much like a play cannot be described only by the description of the stage dimensions, number of lights, and quality of the sound in the auditorium.

So what is a more comprehensive, a more inclusive definition of multiple sclerosis?

If your MS where like a Broadway play, we might ask – What part does MS play in your life? Is MS the tragic ending of the play of your life or is MS a key protagonist for a great shift in your perspective to create a more unique life? Let’s dig further.

Multiple Sclerosis Definition

Let’s begin creating a broader multiple sclerosis definition by first breaking down the meaning of the word. Multiple sclerosis means “multiple areas of hardening.” Where have you been hardened? The hardening effects the nervous system, the communication system of the body that provides movement. How does it achieve this?

It is suggested that the symptoms of MS are caused by the immune system attacking the central nervous system. Continuing with our metaphor of the play, we would be witnessing a struggle in the areas of communication and movement by the system that defends us from what is not us.  Has that been your experience?

It’s been described as –

One part of the self is attacking another part of the self. In response, the self hardens.

My clients always come into their first session, telling me how multiple sclerosis stopped them in their path. But was it their true path? Or was it a path that was not theirs to follow in the first place.  A path filled in high expectations of what success needs to look like, always doing what is right or what will avoid failure?

Have you found that there is an internal struggle in communiting with yourself? A harsh internal judge and jury that is very hard on you, attacking you left and right and disregarding your needs (most times it’s telling you, you don’t have needs or you can cope better with hardships than others)?  Does this sound familiar? And the heaviness you experience, like sandbags tied to your feet or stiffness that doesn’t allow you to move with grace and working full time anymore, is expressing too heavy a burden imposed by this judge and impossible to achieve? In a sense, there is a conflict between two parts of you.

  • What conflicts are in your identity?  Are you constantly “should”-ing yourself?
  • Have you negated a part of yourself? Considered it socially unacceptable?
  • Do you sometimes feel you are two different people and can’t reconcile them?

An Expanded Definition of the Symptoms of MS

Each symptom holds information on the internal forces battling within you, causing your MS.  The type of battle within depending on the symptoms experienced.

Were your first symptoms visions problems? If it was, could this lack of clear vision be showing you a conflict over what you are seeing and what you want to see?  An unwillingness to look closely at things and situations, or having double standards with oneself and others?

Do you experience a significant slowing down of your stride and an inconsistent gait that seems to be getting worse? Seen as a verb, the symptom is literally putting the brakes on (slowing you down) until you finally come to a complete stop. Could you have gone too far off track from your dreams, desires, and true self? Did you take too much on, kept saying yes when you wanted to say no or didn’t say anything accepting the pressures until there was no turning back? Did you push and push until a part of you said “no!”?

One group of symptoms you might experience is characterized by a loss of control, especially in the form of incontinence and involuntary spasms. Thus, taken metaphorically, could it be an invitation to let go of trying to control and plan everything? Of the drive for perfectionism and doing your best in everything?  All of these a strategy to find a little more peace inside?

These are just a few samples of an expanded definition of Multiple Sclerosis and its symptoms. These examples are taken from sessions with my clients. How does hypnotherapy reveal the deeper and more expanded meaning of disease? In the hypnosis session, this information is given to the client directly in a three-way dialogue between the hypnotherapist, the client, and their symptom.

What if Multiple Sclerosis is a Verb?


To begin to work through the disease and the particular symptoms manifesting, you must begin by realizing that multiple sclerosis definition is not defining a noun like a car, chair, leg, or red hair: something that you have received or inherited, but a verb.

Red hair isn’t redder some days and less red others. Or not red altogether on occasion! But multiple sclerosis can be that way, MSing more some days than others.

MS is also not related to every part of you.  It doesn’t affect every system in your body through some days it might feel that way.

So I always invite my clients who begin to work with me using Medical Hypnosis to refer to their MS as a verb and to be curious about just how much they “are MSing today?” — knowing that today is not determinant of tomorrow.

What if MS is an Invitation to Develop New Strengths?

In physical therapy, I have seen how therapists will block off (for lazy eye or stroke) the stronger part of the body, so the client works and learns to exert the weaker and less used parts of the body. This helps to strengthen those parts by focusing attention on them and by removing the parts of the body that don’t allow for this development.


Imagine if MS were your private therapist? Not a physical therapist for increased body strength but to strengthen your psyche? What if MS is blocking those areas of your personality and behaviors that are overdeveloped to prompt the development of other areas that would not have a chance to develop otherwise?

Let’s see some examples of what I mean:

  • Do you have the ability to pause and meditate on your problems until you know what is best and then act on it or do you go go go until they get resolved sometimes expending large amounts of energy because you don’t know how to stop or the mere thought of stopping creates deep anxiety?
  • Do you work on your internal conflicts, on family issues, on painful emotions, or do you push them down and ignore them and just keep going?
  • Are you constantly seeking acknowledgment and success because you don’t feel you are worthy if you aren’t doing anything?
  • Do you help others all the time and don’t want or don’t feel you need help ever?

What if MS is helping you develop more aspects of yourself that were being blocked by your dominant modes of operating and coping with life? What if the body was an efficient auto-corrector both of physical and mental imbalances?

Perhaps the multiple sclerosis definition needs to be expanded to more than an error of the immune system attacking the myelin sheaths?

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