Participating in group sessions is a unique opportunity for a group of people with shared experiences to come together to give and receive help from one another. Eva M Clark’s goal for the group is to facilitate an environment where honest and interpersonal exploration will occur that will benefit all members. Specific guidelines have been formulated to create this environment.


This session style is most effective when all individuals feel safe sharing private information in a confidential atmosphere. Every group member must agree to uphold the confidentiality of this sort of setting. Members agree to keep the names and identities of other group members confidential.


Eva M Clark will audio-record any presentations or talks on specific topics during the group sessions. In following the groups confidentiality guidelines, these recordings will not include the names or videos of the participants. Participants will have access to these recordings as refreshers of the meetings.


Group sessions are successful when there is regular attendance on behalf of the participants. For time efficiency, group members are encouraged to sign on to the video platform 5 minutes before the start time and stay throughout the entire session. Your early arrival ensures that the group can start on time and provides time to troubleshoot if technical issues arise. Members who cannot attend a session should contact their group facilitator, Eva, before the meeting.

Active Participation

Members of effective groups actively share thoughts, reactions, and feelings during group sessions to increase their self-understanding and contribute to other members’ personal growth. Of course, the degree of sharing will depend on each member’s comfort level, though actively listening and attending to other members is encouraged for all members.

To avoid disruptions and help to establish the member’s “presence” in the sessions, members are encouraged to:

  1. Connect with both video and audio.
  2. Actively eliminate distractions and interruptions by silencing phone calls, text messages, emails, etc., keep room doors closed, and remove pets and children from the room.
  3. Look at the screen/camera and focus on group interactions.
  4. Use the gallery view to see the faces of all participants.
What to Expect

Group time consists of teaching and then shared processing time. This dynamic provide a powerful environment for insights, support, and transformation. The more members share and participate, the richer the takeaways for the entire group.


This is a 5-month Session package.  Each month the group will focus on a key aspect of the MS personality in order to learn, understand its origin, and transform these coping strategies into healthy and resilient responses.  Each week’s session will be 75 minutes long. A brief introduction video and email will be sent before each session in preparation for that week’s session.

Sessions are held online via Zoom. There is a maximum of 15 participants per group.


Payment must be made in full before the start of the sessions. There is a 30-day guarantee. If, after the first month, you do not wish to participate in the group sessions, you will receive a full refund


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