Did losing your authentic self make you sick?

This 3-part mini-series, we address healing through becoming your authentic self.  This forms the last area to cover in the Wheel of Health. In previous presentations, we’ve talked about nutrition, detoxing, leaky gut, sleep and address the psychological factors such as the need to forgive, negative emotions such as guilt, repressed emotions such as grief or anger, and our inner critic. Now, lets explore the last area of health to address – becoming your authentic self.

health and multiple sclerosisdownload the graph here.

3-Part Series – Healing Through the Authentic Self

Part 1: Healing through the Authentic Self – Introduction to the Series

healing ms through becoming your authentic selfThis is the first step to healing by becoming your authentic self – discovering who you are. 

There is a direct correlation between how much pain someone is experiencing in their life and the degree to which they are living inauthentically.” (watch video here).


Part 2: Healing through Cultivating Your Strengths

strength and msMost of us are programmed to always be working on ourselves.  Its long, painful, and hard going.  And it’s also impossible!  There is always something more that can be improved.  What if we are working against our healing in this way? What if the path to healing is, instead on focusing more on who we are naturally and on our innate strengths? (watch video here)


Part 3: Becoming Your Authentic Self Through the Lens of Human Design

human design and msWe tend to think that to be authentic is to be perfect but, once again, striving for perfection and the pressure it exerts is not health.  What if all our quirks, doubts, and insecurities are their for our growth and not errors to be gotten rid of? In this episode we will use Human Design to discover what our innate ‘conundrums’ are and how to embrace them to become our beautiful imperfectly perfect selves! (watch video here)

What Keeps You from Being Your Authentic Self?

In this series we saw how to discover who you truly are. But what might keep you from truly expressing your authentic self,? What if I told you that it is the beliefs, behaviors and attitudes we formed in childhood in response to stressful events. Even small things like too much alone time or a very rigid father, can be very stressful for a child. Gabor Mate, in his new book “The Myth of Normal,” calls this group of beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes, the disease personality. Do you want to learn the personalty traits common to MS? 

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