in order to heal ms, we must first understand what kind of disease it is

How to heal MS goes far beyond getting a prescription.  It involves reviewing and transforming the core factors that caused the MS to be expressed in your body.  In this first session of the series Creating Health, we begin to detail how to heal multiple sclerosis by understanding what kind of disease it is and looking at the core factors that influence the onset, exacerbation, and reversal.  These core lifestyle factors are split into physiological factors (such as food, toxins, gut health) and lifestyle and psycho-social factors (such as trauma, emotional repression, and insecure attachment styles).

Watch below to understand what kind of disease is MS and the psycho-social factors behind it. It is the first step to heal MS.

Multiple Sclerosis is a Chronic Disease

To begin to understand how to heal MS, we must understand the type of disease it is. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease. Chronic diseases are non-viral diseases that have lasted for more than three months and cannot be cured by medicine. These are ‘lifestyle’ diseases and to treat them, we must address the lifestyle factors behind them. Managing symptoms is not enough.

“Cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and the other conditions we examined are not abrupt new developments in adult life, but culmination of lifelong processes.” – Gabor Mate, M.D.  “When the Body Says NO

By addressing both the physical factors and the mental factors (technically termed psychosocial factors) behind multiple sclerosis, we have the greatest chance of becoming symptom-free.

The Psycho-Social Factors to Heal MS

It is not the traumatic event or experience that we had in childhood and early adulthood that causes multiple sclerosis, but the beliefs or behaviors created from those experiences.  By addressing these, we can reduce the internal pressures and stressors in the body and, with it, reduce the symptoms of MS.

In the book, “When the Body Says No,” Dr. Gabor Mate demonstrates the evidence and research that links psychosocial factors (such as stress, repressed emotions, and personality) to the onset and exacerbation of MS. Here in this presentation below, he gives us some examples of how our personality can end up causing chronic disease:

Key Mental Factors behind MS

The mental factors to address in MS include:

  • how you treat yourself in comparison as to how you treat others (some examples beings always putting yourself last, very critical and judgemental of yourself, and feeling unworthy and needs always to be doing everything perfectly).
  • Ignoring your body’s needs and numbing emotions and not dealing with grief, fears, and anxiety well.
  • An unbalanced and unhealthy relationship with others (issues around boundaries and needing to be responsible for others’ needs and to make them happy.

(For more details of the mental factors behind MS, visit this post on them).

Restore Health and Heal MS

One aspect that is important for the body to heal MS is to sit back, relax, and let the body replenish, replace, and restore. The body cannot heal when it is in constant movement and responding to life.  It needs times of deep relaxation, such as during a nap, meditation, watching a sunset, or relaxing with a good book.

“Dont’ just do something, sit there.” – saying in Kyoto

In this presentation, Eva M Clark gives an example of hypnosis for relaxing and restoring.  You can hear and download the recording here:


Heal MS is part of the Creating Health Series. To learn about the physical environmental factors, watch the presentations on food, toxins, and gut health.





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