Have your ever wondered if your stressors had anything to do with getting Multiple Sclerosis?

do you still notice, even today, how over-stressing seems to make the symptoms worse?

Healing MS is about actively addressing all the factors that are contributing to your disease. While there is much information online on the physical remedies (diet, detox, viral load, physical therapy, etc), there isn’t much on how to address the the psychological (such as anxiety and worry) and social factors (such as a dominating parent and needing to prove your worth to others). And these can’t be ignored.  Just like you can’t ignore the fact that over-stressing actively causes your symptoms to worsen... That is why addressing your biography, including your beliefs, behaviors, personality, traumas, and relationships, is key to both the cause and progression of MS. As well as creating lasting health. 

This is the focus of this site and my individual services.

What are the key areas to healing MS?

Removing inflammation is only a one part of recovery...

“(We have) compelling evidence that...an individual’s emotional makeup, and the response to continued stress (allostatic load) may indeed be causative in the many diseases (including) multiple sclerosis.” -  N. B. Hershfield, clinical professor of medicine and pioneer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, University of Calgary

Hi, I’m Eva M. Clark

I am here to empower you with tools to heal your MS

I am all about MS.  I didn’t start that way. I was taking an neurolinguistic programming (NLP) class and was taught how to eliminate an allergy by treating it as an over-reaction of the immune system to something it thinks is dangerous. When I experienced how effective the tools was, I was determined to help people with a more serious autoimmune disorders heal. That’s when I became all about MS.  

Learn more about me...

Eva Clark Multiple Sclerosis

What do past clients say about using mind-based therapy to address MS?

“The largest change I have observed is that I need my cane less and less.” 
“I am taking 50% less pain medication and muscle relaxants..." 
“I experienced a marked improvement in incontinence.” - K.S
marly ms
“As far as the anxiety, self-doubts, self-hatred,…I haven’t experienced them in a long time.“ - Marly

How does Mind based Therapy address these Keys of Healing?

I’ve been researched, testing, and practicing an array of powerful modalities on the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These mind based modalities help discover and transform the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and adverse experiences that influence your health (and healing).

hypnotherapy for MS

De-stress by changing the limiting beliefs and behaviors about yourself (such as "I am not enough").

NLP for MS

Eliminate the overactive immune response and build better boundaries by modifying the unconscious beliefs and behaviors.

psych-K for MS

Parts Work

Work through inner conflicts and create balance (i.e. between the part that wants to get well and the part that doesn't).

guided imagery for MS

Use visualizations to create new neuropathways, improve symptoms, and regain function.

regression therapy and MS

Regression Therapy

health coaching and MS

Health Coaching

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Eye Movement Release Tech.

All in the pursuit of the most effective means of healing all aspects contributing to multiple sclerosis. 

Why so many tools, therapies, techniques?

When I find a modality that discovers, transforms, and heals chronic disease with just one swift method, you’ll be the first to know! Many practitioners have made that promise, but I haven’t found one method that, alone, creates lasting change.  
My approach is to apply a combination of powerful modalities that can move through the process of discovery, transformation, and healing from multiple sclerosis most effectively.  

How is this different from psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is mainly a form of ‘talk therapy.’ They focus on talking about the past and the present using the conscious mind.

Mind-based therapies connect with the subconscious mind - the body mind. We cannot heal the root cause at the level of the conscious mind. We need to transform the cause at the level of the body mind, where MS is expressing itself.

How is the mind going to change my physical symptoms?

The body is effected by stress, both physical and mental. People with MS have an elevated allostatic load that can contribute to every symptoms of MS.  A large contributor of this load are stressors - anxiety, unresolved grief, guilt, and the need to do everything now. You must reduce this stress to allow the body to restore, replace, and renew.

“I’m intrigued, where do I go from here?”

this is what i propose...

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“Thank you for the work you've done/are doing and for having this website. It's inspired me and given me hope to beat this MS.”


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“I got so much out of your website that truly I didn't expect us to do much more than that in our sessions but I’ve been blown away once again. You are like a fire hose of information and tools for transformation!”– E. M.