MS Personality Part 1

Learn the common beliefs and behaviors of MS

Welcome to the FREE MS Personality Course.  Get ready because this is not material you will find anywhere else!  

In this first class, you'll get a  taste of the world my clients and I dive into when we use techniques such as medical hypnosis and regression therapy to talk to MS.  Listen to the messages that my clients receive from their MS.  As I read these messages, think about how you were living before you got your first symptoms of MS.  Can you see how your body might be trying to communicate these same messages to you?  

  • Interesting, I think one of the connections could also be the HSP ( high sensitive people) they usually have those traits, and when they get infected with the EBV they might developed MS, that explains why not all the people with EBV develop MS but if you have a HSP and the virus probably you would develop MS

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