MS Personality Part 5

Case Study

In this last episode of the MS Personality Course, we looked at a sample case study. A women in her early 40's that had recently gotten her first MS symptoms.  We use this example to pinpoint what she has in common with those diagnosed with MS and how these similar traits might have caused her body to say "no."

Where Do You Go From Here?

Now that you have an awareness of what some of the most common personalty patterns of MS are, you can begin working on these and to reduce the stress and inflammation in your body.  

In my own practice, I have found that the combination of medical hypnosis, NLP, Human Design, and Brain Gym can be very effective in working through these stressors.  

If you would like to see if this multi-modality therapy works for you, schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation with me. I love sharing what I have discovered in my work with MS.

I got so much out of your website that I truly didn't expect us to do much more than that in our sessions. But I’ve been blown away once again. You are like a fire hose of information and tools for transformation!”– E. M.

To learn about session duration, fees, and what's all included in this multi-modality therapy before scheduling, visit the Fees and Services Page

  • Thank you so much, wish I lived in your country so I could meet you. This was the best and helpful tools I get on my inner journey to heal! Thank you again from my heart.

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