Do MS Drugs Make You More Vulnerable?

In these times of uncertainty, there are many questions in our minds. Coronavirus and MS – Do MS drugs make you more vulnerable?  Does having MS make you more susceptible to the virus? In this month’s series, we interview Andrea Covolo of the MS Society. In this video, she gives us information on MS and COVID-19, where to find information on the effects of different MS drugs on the immune system and coronavirus, and how to stay safe.

Coronavirus and MS – Where to get the most accurate information?

Andrea Covolo, manager of program implementation and engagement talked to us about programs available online and our most pressing issue – MS and the coronavirus. She encouraged us not to search on social media or google concerning MS and coronavirus, but, instead, to look for sources that can accurately vet the information out there, such as the MS Society’s resource pages.
Learn where to find the best information on MS drugs and corona, programs available and how those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis compared to the general population through the following links:


This presentation was recorded in our monthly Creating Health Series. To learn more about what is affecting your immune system and your body’s health, watch these other presentations on what causes MS, and the physical and mental factors behind it.



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