Can Hypnotherapy be used as an alternative or complementary therapy for MS? What does hypnotherapy for MS treat?

alternative therapy for MS

Research in Hypnotherapy for MS

When I began to take an interest in using hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I found very little research on MS. What little research I did find focuses on pain management alone. Since then I have been dedicated to researching, understanding, and designing the most effective alternative treatment for multiple sclerosis using these alternative therapies.

Beyond Symptom Management – A New Alternative Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

What you will find on this site regarding hypnosis and NLP stretches the use of these modalities beyond symptom management. We’ll uncover and understand why these modalities can be so useful in improving symptoms of MS by using: (1) the power of the mind and (2) by addressing the underlying cause.

1. The Power of the Mind to Healing Multiple Sclerosis

This site covers the relationship between the mind and body.  How one’s personality, thinks, believes, and behaviors (mental patterns) of multiple sclerosis can affect the progression of the disease.

2. Addressing the Deeper Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

This site will help you to gain an understanding of how symptoms are affected by beliefs, emotions, stress, and anxiety. It will also explain the psychosocial research that links these to the onset and exacerbation of MS.

Successful Hypnotherapy for MS

On this site, you’ll be able to read the experience of others who have successfully used hypnotherapy to address MS. You’ll get detailed information on my study with 24 volunteers. This study produced significant improvements in both the physical as well as psychological symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  All these cases used hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) for MS as an alternative therapy.

Through this study, we created the MS Personality Test as well as a specific protocol of hypnotherapy for MS – Multiple Sclerosis Hypnotherapy Program  – to work through those traits and create lasting health.

Creating health is about actively addressing the factors that could be contributing to your multiple sclerosis. We are creating the Creating Health Series to support you with both.

A New Alternative Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis

This alternative therapy for multiple sclerosis, the Healing Multiple Sclerosis Program, is designed to help you gain insight into what is behind your symptoms and tools to transform and restore health.

This program is not a substitute for proper western medicine (disclaimer), but a much-needed addition to anyone’s treatment plan. That way, the psycho-social factors and not just the biological factors, are addressed.

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