Healing through MS

Don't search for Healing by trying to get rid of MS, find healing by learning and transforming THROUGH MS.

“Hypnotic treatment is an effective therapy that has beneficial impacts on the intensity of perceived pain, psychological well-being, mood disorders, and fatigue, and in addition, it significantly improves physical functioning in MS patientsThe same effects haven't been obtained with other nonpharmacological techniques. Marisca et al., 2022 Alternative Therapy Health Medicine

When I first began working with multiple sclerosis (MS) using hypnosis and other subconscious-based-techniques, I too focused on getting rid of the disease. As you can see from the quote posted above, it can be quite effective! But soon, I realized multiple sclerosis was much deeper and more profound than just a group of limiting symptoms. It was a path to deep transformation and true wellness. This site shares many of the insites gained (Creating Health Blog), techniques and modalities available  and my personal services.

My goal is to invite you to go deeper into the root cause and patterns reflected in your disease. These patterns can be found in your mindset, behaviors and limiting beliefs. When we transform those, true healing begins. 

How to Heal Your MS

The 3 Keys to Address Multiple Sclersosis
Eliminate Active Inflammation

Calm the immune system and get out of flight-fight-freeze mode by resolving relationship friction, eliminating shame, guilt and anger, and building stronger boundaries.

Lower Stressors and Increase Resilience

Harness fear, slay perfection, control the inner drill sergeant, and build resilience by changing limiting beliefs, addressing the past, and creating a resilient future self.

Restore Function and Neuroplasticity

Harness symptoms through the power of the mind. Use visualizations and self-hypnosis to restore function and build new neuropathways.

Understand the 3 Key Areas to address to Heal MS

Hi, I am Eva M. Clark

Medical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, & Health Coach

I am all about MS.  I didn’t start that way. I was taking an neurolinguistic programming (NLP) class and was taught how to eliminate an allergy by treating it as an over-reaction of the immune system to something it thinks is dangerous. When I experienced how effective the tools was, I was determined to help people with a more serious autoimmune disorders heal. That’s when I became all about MS.

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Tools to Heal MS from the Inside Out

Address MS at the level it is being expressed - the Subconscious Body-Mind
hypnotherapy for MS

Understand the messages behind each symptom at the level they were formed and are expressed - the subconscious.

regression therapy and MS

Regression Therapy

Uncover and transforming the root cause in your history and ancestry and build greater resilience to life's challenges. 

NLP for MS

Transform the limiting beliefs and behaviors linked to dis-ease such "I am not enough" or "I am responsible for your happiness".  

medical hypnosis for MS

Medical Hypnosis

Calm the overactive immune response, reduce pain and spasms, improve sleep, and increase energy through hypnosis.

psych-K for MS

Parts Work

Work through inner conflicts and create balance (i.e. between the part that wants to get well and the part that doesn't).

guided imagery for MS

Use visualizations to create new neuropathways, improve symptoms, and regain function.

health coaching and MS

Health Coaching

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Eye Movement Release Tech.

All in the pursuit of the most effective means of healing the deeper patterns contributing to MS.

What clients say...

“The largest change I have observed is that I need my cane less and less.” 
“I am taking 50% less pain medication and muscle relaxants..." 
“I experienced a marked improvement in incontinence.” 
marly ms
“As far as the anxiety, self-doubts, self-hatred,…I haven’t experienced them in a long time.“ - Marly
“I got so much out of your website that truly I didn't expect us to do much more than that in our sessions, but I’ve been blown away once again. You are like a fire hose of information and tools for transformation!”


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