Healing Multiple Sclerosis

A path to natural symptom relief and greater resilience by using hypnotherapy, NLP, and German New Medicine to address the psychological, social and stress factors underlying onset, exacerbations and progression.

Healing MS isn't just about reducing inflammation. Its about actively addressing all the factors that are contributing to your disease. 

While there is much information online on taming inflammation through diet, detox, eliminating viral load, disease modifying treatments, etc), there isn’t much on addressing the underlying cause of the disease.

“(We have) compelling evidence that...an individual’s emotional makeup, and the response to continued stress (allostatic load) may indeed be causative in the many diseases (including) multiple sclerosis.” -  N. B. Hershfield, clinical professor of medicine and pioneer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, University of Calgary

On this site, you will gain knowledge, tools, and a mind-based method, using hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to tame stress, and transform the beliefs, behaviors, personality, childhood experiences, and relationship styles that could be contributing to your MS. You will also learn how guided imagery can help you restore your body.

When you are ready to take a dive into your inner environment, contact me. I would love to help you on your path to long-lasting health.

Healing MS with Hypnosis and NLP

The 3 Keys to Healing MS from the Inside Out
Calm the Body & Eliminate Active Inflammation

Calm the immune system and get out of parasympathetic freeze mode triggered by feelings of being stuck and trapped. Resolve relationship friction, eliminate shame, guilt and anger, and build stronger boundaries.

Lower Life Stressors & Increase Resilience

Eliminate your fear of failure, slay perfection, control the inner drill sergeant, and build resilience by changing limiting beliefs, addressing adversities of the past, and creating a resilient future self.

Restore Function & Neuroplasticity

Harness symptoms through the power of the hypnosis. Use visualizations and guided imagery to Improve gait, reduce pain, regain bladder control, and build new neuropathways.

Hi, I am Eva M. Clark

Health Coach, Medical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, & Human Design Specialist

I am on a mission to empower you with the tools to heal your body by healing your life. Learn more about me...

"This study...led to the conclusion that the most effective hypnotherapy for MS needs to supply the client with means to control and reduce their own symptoms but, for sustained improvements, would need to bring to the client's awareness and then transform the mental patterns specific to people with MS. Treating these patterns appears to have a direct and sustaining effect on their symptoms." - Clark & Fauver, 2023, The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy in Treating Multiple Sclerosis - A Pilot Study.
"Hypnotic treatment is an effective therapy that has beneficial impacts on the intensity of perceived pain, psychological well-being,
mood disorders, and fatigue, and in addition, it significantly improves physical functioning in MS patients. The same effects haven’t been obtained with other nonpharmacological techniques.
- Marisca et al., 2022, "Hypnotherapy as a Nonpharmacological Treatment for the Psychological Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis",
"The daily use of guided imagery overcame the restructuring of negative past events to improve quality of life in patients with MS." - Brambila-Tapia et.al., 2022 Using hypnoalayis and guided imagery to identify and manage emotional aspects of multiple sclerosis

What clients are saying..

“I got so much out of your website that truly I didn't expect us to do much more than that in our sessions, but I’ve been blown away once again. You are like a fire hose of information and tools for transformation!”

“The largest change I have observed is that I need my cane less and less.” 
“I am taking 50% less pain medication and muscle relaxants..." 
“I experienced a marked improvement in incontinence.” 
marly ms
“As far as the anxiety, self-doubts, self-hatred,…I haven’t experienced them in a long time.“ - Marly

Where to Go From Here

This site has a lot of information, and resources that will give you insights into healing your MS.

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“Thank you for the work you've done/are doing and for having this website. It's inspired me and given me hope to beat this MS.”

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